What sets hospice apart from traditional end of life care is a multi-faceted approach. Hospice cares not just for the patient's physical comfort but also the social, spiritual, emotional and practical. Together, the hospice team works to bring the individual and their family dignity, comfort and peace throughout the final months, weeks and days. They meet regularly to assess patient status and to make adjustments to treatment as the disease progresses.

Hospice Team


Hospice Physician

The Hospice Physician complements the services of the patient's attending physician and manages the general medical needs of patients. Important functions include the certification and re-certification of the patient's terminal illness, direction of the interdisciplinary team meetings, and ensuring quality of care and appropriateness of care/services.

Nurse (RN Case Manager)

The RN Case Manager coordinates the patient's care and all services provided by the hospice team. The primary responsibilities of the hospice nurse include assessment of patient/family needs, planning and organizing care to be provided, and implementing the approved plan of care. Solaris nurses are skilled at managing the needs of each hospice patient by administering and overseeing palliative care and addressing the unique care needs associated with life-limiting illnesses. 

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Medical Social Worker

The Social Worker provides psychological and emotional assessment of the needs of the patient and family. They ensure appropriate care and support is provided in areas such as financial needs, grief and bereavement, advance care planning, and other psychosocial issues. The Social Worker also provides the patient/family with information and referral to appropriate community resources, and serves as an advocate on their behalf to access additional services they may need.

Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor

The Chaplain assists the patient and family with spiritual issues regarding life and death. They often facilitate interaction between clergy in the community and the patient and family. The Chaplain also provides information and referral to appropriate resources for spiritual support, and provides ongoing bereavement care and support to the family.

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Hospice Aide

The Hospice Aide provides personal care under the supervision of the RN Case Manager. The aide follows written instructions and assists in areas such as bathing, grooming, and light housekeeping. Solaris hospice aides are trained as keen observers of the patient's condition, and are experts at carrying out physical care while protecting the dignity of the patient.

Additional Team Support

We are equipped with our own medical equipment company and compounding pharmacy serving ONLY Solaris patients. This allows us to focus on providing YOU with exactly what you need, right when you need it.


The pharmacist provides professional pharmaceutical care to patients to ensure positive drug therapy outcomes. They consult with nurses and physicians on hospice and palliative care patient cases.

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Durable Medical Equipment

We are responsible for the delivery, retrieval, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and to ensure that all patients have the right equipment when they need it.

*Additional services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and dietary counseling may be provided as needs are identified by the interdisciplinary team.