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Medical Missions

Medical missions are a core part of who we are as a company.
Sri Lanka

Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

In one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, southeast Asia was hit first by the third-largest earthquake ever and then by a series of devastating tsunamis. Sri Lanka was among the countries most affected.

Dec 26 2004
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Less than 30 days after the tsunamis ravaged southeast Asia, Solaris sent a team of 15 people to bring medical care to the most devastated parts of the island of Sri Lanka. The team conducted daily medical camps on the very dangerous, rebel controlled east side of the island. The camps were conducted under military guard but ultimately thousands of people were treated, some walking for days to get to the camp.

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Kenya (2006)

Some of the worst poverty in the world exists in the slums of Kenya. The largest slum in Nairobi holds an estimated 50,000 people in some of the worst conditions imaginable. In 2006, Solaris had the opportunity to send a team into one of these slums to conduct medical camps. Over the course of 4 short days, a team of both American and Kenyan medical professionals treated over 2,000 people.

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Kenya (2007)

Solaris returns to Kenya, this time to bring education and teaching in the form of a business conference. A group of business professionals covered many areas of business over the course of a week, including finance, marketing, operations, and much more. They had the opportunity to work with Kenyan business owners in small groups to give one-on-one advice and direction. They also followed up with businesses that were started out of a micro-finance organization established by Solaris the year before.

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A team of 20 people, including doctors and nurses, traveled to Panama to conduct medical clinics and outreach in remote villages. Hundreds of Panamanian villagers were treated for things like intestinal infections, skin infections, and much more. Primary health education was also taught in many areas.

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Nepal (2011)

Solaris sent a team of 4 men to the Himalayas of Nepal to help carry hope to some of the most hard to reach villages in the world. They spent almost 7 days hiking in the mountains to deliver medical care to villages that have no access to medicine of any kind. They carried all their medicine and supplies on their backs and climbed as high as 11,000 ft. to reach some villages. Respiratory and gastrointestinal infections were prevalent among the villagers, particularly the children.

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Nepal (2013)

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Nepal (2014)

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